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Käsivarren Moottori ja Metalli Oy

We are open

Monday - Friday

8 am - 5 pm

We will do motor vehicle maintenance and repair

- Snowmobile, ATV and motorcycle

- Car repair and troubleshooting (Autocom diagnostigs), trucks and tractors

- Small machines: chain saw, drill motor, garden and landscape equipment

Long machine repair experience and professionalism.


Vehicle tyres

- Car, ATV and motorcycle


We also manufacture metal structures and turning work

- ATV trailers and snowmobile sleds.

- We make parts with turning machine from desired dimensions.

- Welding: steel, stainless steel and aluminium

- ATV and snowmobile protective equipment: bumpers and armors. ( ask for offer)

- The customer's drawings we can product beam structures (ask for offer)

- We sell iron


Guide Services / Transportation

- Off road transport, snowmobile transport, fishing guide and boat transport (ask for offer) 


Under the finnish flag

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Käsivarren Moottori ja Metalli Oy

käsivarrentie 3835

99470 Karesuvanto

Joona Kotavuopio 0407392244 (english)

Vilhelm Syväjärvi 0407392265 (sami)